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Listen to: Bjork – Bachelorette

One day, I found a big book buried deep in the ground I opened it, but all the pages were blank And to my surprise, it started writing itself One day, I found a big book buried deep in the ground I’m a fountain of blood In the shape of a girl You’re the bird […]

Listen to: PJ Harvey – The Letter

Put the pen To the paper Press the envelope With my scent Can’t you see In my handwriting The curve Of my g? The longing Who is left that Writes these days? You and me We’ll be different Take the cap Off your pen Wet the envelope Lick and lick it I need you The […]

Listen to: Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

This will never end ‘Cause I want more More, give me more Give me more This will never end Cause I want more More, give me more Give me more If I had a heart I could love you If I had a voice I would sing After the night when I wake up I’ll […]

Listen to: Bedouin Dress – Fleet Foxes

If to borrow is to take and not return I have borrowed all my lonesome life And I can’t, no I can’t get through The borrower’s debt is the only regret of my youth And believe me it’s not easy when I look back Everything I took got soon returned Just to be at Innisfree […]

Listen to: The Bed Song

Exhibit A We are friends in a sleeping bag splitting the heat We have one filthy pillow to share and your lips are in my hair Someone upstairs has a rat that we laughed at And people are drinking And singing Van Halen and Slayer on a ukulele tear Exhibit B Well, we found an […]

Listen to… Pelican!

So soon we’re too old to carry We knew we only had a little while In the middle keep ticking over Before you know it, parent a parent To have it all and still want more One things for sure we’re all getting older So we take a lover waiting in the corner Before you […]

Listen to: Alt-J (Ripe & Ruin)

She only ever walks to count her steps. Eighteen strides and she stops to abide By the law that she herself has set. That eighteen steps is one complete set And before the next Nine right and nine left, She looks up at the blue And whispers to all of the above: Don’t let me […]

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