So long, 2013; hello, 2014

[Ta' Xbiex, Malta; August 2013] Dear 2013: You were quite rubbish and I'll be really happy to bid you farewell tonight. From frustrated unemployment to medical emergencies, you really hammered in those nails nice and hard. You've brought sadness, death, misplacement and a whole bunch of wtf. But sitting around wallowing in emotional debris has never helped ...

No way out in Malta

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The Huffington Post have picked up on the fact that Malta is pretty much the only country in the world where divorce is not allowed. I wanted to repost the article here and I ask you all to repost in your own blogs. The more people read this, the more we raise awareness, the more ...

Lest we forget

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I think we should all listen to what this little girl had to say back in 1992. We have so much to learn. We can have such a beautiful world if we could only get our priorities straight - like children do!

Autumn love

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I love autumn and everything about it. It is a season full of sensation and sensuality. I love the autumn colour scheme of brown, gold, red, copper and rust to match the falling leaves, and I love the crunching sound fallen leaves make under foot. And your foot clad in fleece-lined boots. I love the ...

Five things to do this Halloween

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1. Have a scary movie marathon Invite your friends over, order pizza and watch some spooky movies together. If you prefer, go to the cinema to watch the scariest movie playing there right now. And no covering your eyes at the scary bits. 2. Carve a pumpkin You can still get a pumpkin and go crazy. Check out ...

Let’s make a sandwich :: Bringing back the Love

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After three years of online love, Platinum Love Magazine will be launching its first print issue – The Threesome Issue – at 7th Heaven, Level 7, Bay Street, tomorrow, September 23. Who will be there? Way too many DJs (Andy Luca, Chunky and Mathematikal), tons of photographers, a couple of model scouts, the Platinum Love team ...