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Yes we can

In a historic referendum, Malta has voted yes for the legislation of divorce. I am so proud of the people who have made their voice heard. Here’s to Malta taking its tentative first step into the 21st century!

An open letter to Joyce Cassar and Anna Vella

I would be doing my readers a disservice should I refrain from re-posting the following open letter by local journalist Caroline Muscat. Please read and share!   Dear Ms Cassar and Ms Vella, I refer to the letter you addressed to women, advising ‘us’ on how to vote for our best interest in the referendum […]

Why my vote will be Yes

  On May 28, a referendum is being held in Malta which will decide whether or not divorce will be introduced into the country. I’ve kept silent on this so far, mostly because I’ve started writing about 17 different drafts on the subject and have not been thoroughly satisfied with the result. So let me […]

Truly Mediterranean

This is a really good video of Malta. It’s easy, when you’re a local, to become so accustomed to a place that you forget how beautiful it is. This video taps into the things I love about my country: the architecture, the sea, the warm summer nights spent sipping wine. I’m not too crazy about […]

Wandering around the Silent City

A couple of weekends ago, Andrew and I spent a Sunday afternoon wandering around one of Malta’s most beautiful towns – Mdina. I love the place because it’s so quiet and going into Mdina is a bit like entering a time warp – most of the architecture is centuries old and still in very good […]

How to drive in Malta

I have been driving for almost four months now. I got my driver’s licence after an ungodly amount of failed tests (but that’s another story for another time) and immediately set off on the road. Driving in Malta is different to driving in most other countries (Sicily comes close, though). People here don’t really pay […]

Valletta: Urban Decay

I should do this more often. Yesterday, during my lunch break, I took my camera out and snapped some photos of Valletta. What fascinates me the most about Valletta is that it is a city in ruin. Once a majestic city, it is now in various stages of decay and nobody seems to be doing […]

You are man/woman?

The French Connection UK Spring Summer 2011 campaign was filmed in Malta. And it’s even more genius than the previous campaign. This is one of the best advertising campaigns I have seen in a long, long time. It is quirky, hilarious, clever and not afraid to make fun of itself. I love the fact that […]

Make Valletta Europe’s Burlesque Capital

I like being able to walk around Valletta during my lunchbreaks. I get to do some window-shopping, some people watching, and I also get to take photos of truly pretty scenes. Valletta is very unique, very beautiful. I only wish somebody woulddo something to wake it up a little in the evenings. Though it is […]

No way out in Malta

The Huffington Post have picked up on the fact that Malta is pretty much the only country in the world where divorce is not allowed. I wanted to repost the article here and I ask you all to repost in your own blogs. The more people read this, the more we raise awareness, the more […]

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