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Links! Sherlock! Packing! Shopping! Restaurants!

The Sherlock fandom is the fandom that waited. We’ve waited almost two years for answers, for another fix of everyone’s favourite sleuth. And we’re going to get them. We have air dates, we have episode names, and now we have a whole bunch of new pictures to keep us on our toes until episode 1 […]

Links! Poe! London! 20s! Doctor Who!

Edgar Allan Poe on the joy of marginalia¬†& what handwriting says about a character. How we only talk to ourselves in the margins. Worth a read, even more so in the context of the book I am currently reading, which I wholly recommend. The most addictive game in London is back. I’m stuck on 88. […]

Links! Languages! Music! Frankenstein! Punchdrunk!

[Image Source] If you are fascinated by languages and etymology, like I am, then you will love these maps showing the origins of everyday words. Hate is not a natural state. Have a look at how these children reacted to a video about gay marriage. Think your English is flawless, even under pressure? Let’s see […]

Links! J.J.Abrams! Phonebloks! Hacking! Sylvia Plath!

[Image Source] Excellent documentary on the Codes of Gender. Moving story about facing your childhood bullies. This one is really worth a read. A peek inside J.J.Abrams’ new project. I’ve ordered this book and am ridiculously excited about receiving it. I cannot wait to sit with it all day and explore. A very interesting concept […]

10 things you should be able to do as an adult

[Image source] What makes an adult? Is it just a question of age? Is it a matter of turning 18 and -bam- you’re a fully grown human now? Legally, perhaps, but how many legal adults do you know who you would swear are still children going by how they behave? It’s alright being young at […]

How to entertain yourself for free (or very cheaply) in London

Moving to a new city can be an intimidating experience for anyone, especially if your new city is one as big and notoriously unfriendly as London (a myth, bythe way). It’s easy to opt to stay indoors, or limit yourself to tourist spots, or even rely on your friends for entertainment. But what if you […]

Top 5 Purchases of 2011

Education Studying for a Masters degree in Digital Media is not free! There are tuition fees, accommodation fees, books to buy… But you can’t really put a price on education and knowledge and that is why the most important transaction I made in 2011 was the one that got me enrolled in my course. Travel […]

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