Links: December 21

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Here's another collection of links for you all to browse through, interspersed with Christmas-themed photos from Flickr - told you I was serious about getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It hasn't even been two months since the Kinect came out and already we have a sex game for it. What's your take on this? I ...

It gets better

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This is one of the videos for the It Gets Better Project. Sarah Von posted it and it really touched my heart. Link it on your blogs, show it to your friends. Let us spread the message. Let us help people understand there are people who love them and care about them. Most of all, ...

Links: October 29

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I've been away from work for the past two days because I am sick. And it seems like I might have to stay in for the next few days too as I don't feel any better at all. Bleh. It's weird because I was ill around this time last year too. I've been really tired ...

Paris vs New York

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I am so in love with the work of graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, who compares and contrasts Paris and New York City in these amazing diptychs. A friendly visual match between those two cities, as seen by a Parisian-based-and-lover on New York : details, cliches and contradictions.

Links: October 31

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  Moving country can be tough, so it's nice when somebody writes a song especially for you. An amazing new look at the sun. The healthiest foods you can eat for under $1. The many faces of Alan Rickman. Need to let off some steam? Try the iPollock. How to make the perfect sandwich, by Tyler Florence. Are you feeling like nobody's ...