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This post on why 1940s is not a fashion trend really did get me thinking. Sarah Wilson speaks out in defense of hipsters. And I tend to agree. Some advice on how to create good creation. Wonderful tips on how to rediscover your creativity if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut. So you’ve […]


I came across this drawing of a picture I posted of Gaia and the cat last Friday. Janey drew it after she found my post. It’s absolutely gorgeous and such a sweet tribute to the cat. Thank you so much, Janey. You have no idea how touched I am by this.


So apparently, when men look at curvy women, their brain acts as though it has just been given drugs. This is your brain; this is your brain on drugs curvy ladies. How to be a woman in a boys’ club. What’s your take on this? Do you agree? A great list of 7 super creative […]

A short rant and some links

I’m still sick. Can you believe it? It has been 11 straight days of lozenges, cough syrup and, now, antibiotics. In fact, the cough got so bad that I tore one of my intercostal muscles and ended up in A&E. True story. Also FYI: tearing an intercostal muscle hurts like a bitch. Especially when you’re […]


A hilarious post about the Five TV Shows Malta Should Have. Sarah Wilson’s Most Useful Grammar Post Ever. And another one from the amazing Ms WIlson: How to Fix a Relationship Breakdown. Gala Darling’s publication of a letter she received from a woman who finally understands the meaning of self-love made me smile so much. […]

Guiding Children into the Internet Age

My computers and, by proxy, the internet, are an extension of myself. It would not be entirely hyperbolic if I said I am almost always online. At work, I am always connected, processing words and researching things online, reading stories, answering e-mails and keeping myself informed. At home, you can usually find me sitting on […]

Links: December 21

Here’s another collection of links for you all to browse through, interspersed with Christmas-themed photos from Flickr – told you I was serious about getting into the Christmas spirit this year. It hasn’t even been two months since the Kinect came out and already we have a sex game for it. What’s your take on […]

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