Neko & Me


I’m the human on the left, with the red hair. The other dude in that picture is my cat, Neko. He’s pretty awesome.

My name is Davinia.

Most people call me Dav.

By day, I work for a communications agency in London – writing, editing, designing pretty things, and getting my social media groove on.

By night, I’m Batman.

No? Oh. Apologies. By night, I learn Spanish, write articles for magazines, study things related to psychotherapy and neuropsychology, write stories that I hope to publish someday, go to the theatre (and write about it here), swan around museums, dance, travel, and complain that I never have any time to myself.

I was born and raised in Malta, which is really tiny and very warm, and exceptionally pretty. I studied English at The University of Malta, and also studied Speech & Drama in Malta and London. After I graduated, I was the Education and Society Editor for The Sunday Times of Malta.

In 2011, I left Malta. I moved to Dublin to do my Masters in Digital Media, and from there, I moved to my favourite place in the world – London – where I have lived for over three years.

This blog started five years ago as a space for me to write and post photos of my food so my mum could rest assured I was eating properly and not existing exclusively on chips and Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. Since then, it has evolved into a place where I can publish my theatre reviews, opinions on books and films, and other things which are relevant to my interests.

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