BIC: Alienate your customers #LikeABoss

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For Woman’s Day in South Africa, pen manufacturer BIC decided to post a message to female customers on social media… Straight out of the 1950s.

The advert, which is supposed to be “empowering”, encourages women to look like infants, act like dolls, and think like their male counterparts in order to achieve success in the workplace.


I can’t decide what I have more trouble with: the fact that somebody thinks this message is “empowering”, or the idea that BIC are still pulling this shit, even though they received plenty of criticism for a similar stunt in 2012, when they released a line of pink ‘For Her’ pens.

What do we learn from this fiasco? Marketing creatives, take note: when you’re making an ad targeted to women, flip it. If it reads like ridiculous parody, it’s probably a bad advert.

Here’s one I made earlier.


BIC, publish this advert. I dare you.

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