Sherlock Season 3 Trailer

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The BBC Sherlock fandom is patient. We have waited two years (TWO YEARS) to find out the answer to the great mystery posed to us at the end of season 2. And if you don’t know what that mystery is, it means you have not yet watched Sherlock, in which case you really need to ask yourself whether that rock you’re living under is really all it’s cracked up to be (hint: it’s not) and go bloody watch it already.

Anyway. We have waited two years for news of Sherlock Season 3 to air, and now it is so close (Episode 1, New Year’s Day, BBC One, 9 p.m. You’re welcome.) that most of us are like: I’M NOT READY FOR THIS even though in actual fact we’re ready. We’re totally ready (you hear that, Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffatt? Stop teasing us!)

And yesterday, the official Sherlock Season 3 trailer for Episode 1 – The Empty Hearse – based on the canonical ‘The Adventure of the Empty House‘, was released, and it was glorious. And it made us happy for a few moments until we all realised there were still two and a half weeks to go before we knew the answer to the final problem.

But when you’ve waited two years, two weeks is nothing, right?


Watch the trailer here:

OH, and Mrs Hudson’s reaction there is basically a preview of how we’ll be reacting come New Year’s Day, I assume.

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