Links! Sherlock! Packing! Shopping! Restaurants!

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  • The Sherlock fandom is the fandom that waited. We’ve waited almost two years for answers, for another fix of everyone’s favourite sleuth. And we’re going to get them. We have air dates, we have episode names, and now we have a whole bunch of new pictures to keep us on our toes until episode 1 of season 3 airs on January 1.
  • And what about the Derren Brown fandom? Yep, I’m in that one too. There’s just something about a clever man in a suit… And Derren’s got a new show airing this month (something about an art robbery carried out by OAPs!). Here’s Derren as a painting… sort of.
  • My best friend Hannah went travelling for 6 months, carrying everything she needed in two backpacks – one small, one less small. Here is how she did it.
  • I dare you to look at this and not at least crack a smile.
  • As for what I’ve been up to recently, I’ve been reviewing restaurants in London. Yep, I know. Best job ever.
  • Anyone struggling to finish their Xmas shopping? I’ve not even started mine yet! Here’s one from the Yes & Yes archives on how to give great gifts.
  • Do you know what I’m wearing right now? Colour-changing nail polish. YOU HEARD ME. Nail polish. That changes colour. I can’t be the only one who’s super excited about this concept. Buy yours here.
  • It would appear I am in a relationship… with my books.
  • Speaking of which, here is a list of the 13 best art & design books of 2013, and I want them all. All the lovely books. All of them. Nom.

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