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  • Edgar Allan Poe on the joy of marginalia & what handwriting says about a character. How we only talk to ourselves in the margins. Worth a read, even more so in the context of the book I am currently reading, which I wholly recommend.
  • The most addictive game in London is back. I’m stuck on 88. How about you?
  • 16 people explain their home country to foreigners. I loved this, especially since I’m usually the one having to explain my home country (Malta) to my friends in London. (“It’s really, really small; it’s really warm; the drivers are completely mad; it’s overwhelmingly Catholic; we have the best food in the world; our language is one of the most interesting languages I know of and most of us are polyglots; we have some of the oldest temples in the world; our beaches are stunning.”)
  • I don’t necessarily agree with everything on here, but this list of 20 things to do in your 20s makes for interesting reading.
  • Martha Stewart really, REALLY needs to stop posting gross pictures of food on Twitter.
  • Number 11 is the truth, I tell you. 21 too.
  • Which Doctor Who companion are you? (I’m Donna Noble – obv.)
  • I LOVE these ‘high fashion’ illustrations of Disney characters (and I would totally wear Frollo’s coat).

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