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  • If you are fascinated by languages and etymology, like I am, then you will love these maps showing the origins of everyday words.
  • Hate is not a natural state. Have a look at how these children reacted to a video about gay marriage.
  • Think your English is flawless, even under pressure? Let’s see how you fare.
  • For enthusiasts of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a look through the Frankenstein notebooks is a must.
  • The history of the world according to The Daily Mail made me giggle.
  • “It gives me such a sense of peace to draw; more than prayer, walks, anything. I can close myself completely in the line, lose myself in it.” – A glimpse of Sylvia Plath’s unseen drawings.
  • If you are a traveller, you may want to have a look at these 10 start-ups that are making travelling easier and cheaper.
  • Pssst, Londoners: here are 17 foods you have to try!
  • How is it possible that a woman could have been dead for three years, and nobody noticed?
  • A series aiming to represent members of the photographer’s family based on the objects they own. What would you look like?
  • On censorship and the female body.

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  • Miriam
    November 8, 2013

    Just read the Joyce Carol Vincent story, beautiful <3

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