Sherlock Season Three has an air date… sort of

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PBS announced today that it would be airing the premiere of Sherlock Season Three on January 19. Tumblr and Twitter instantly went crazy.

So the US has an air date, but so far it’s been silence on the UK front. Buzzfeed said they contacted the BBC for a comment on the matter, and were told: “Sherlock will air in the UK before it airs in America. However we won’t be in a position to announce the date until later in the year.”

Many have speculated that January 1, 2014, will be the UK air date for Sherlock Season Three, but no reliable sources have confirmed this yet.

To reiterate: we know we be finding out how Sherlock faked his death in The Reichenbach Fall sometime between now and January 19. We just don’t know WHEN.

But basically, within 88 days.

I hope you appreciate the extent to which I am controlling my fangirling here.

88 days.

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