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My life this past month has been a big blur of doctors’ appointments and tests, culminating in surgery earlier this week. What’s more, I’m about to leave London for the summer. I’ll be spending it in Malta. This means a lot of my time is being eaten up by packing and, well, recovering from surgery. It’s not easy to pack your entire life into boxes when you’re all fuzzy on painkillers, let me tell you.

Nevertheless, you may or may not have noticed I’ve completely changed the layout of the blog. Lately, I’ve found I’ve had absolutely zero motivation to write. Which was surprising because you’d think spending almost a year in London would have provided me with tons to write about. Which it did. I guess I got lazy. It happens.

Last week, I had to make the decision as to whether or not I wanted to renew the hosting of my blog and domain. I almost didn’t.

And then I did. And I revamped the whole thing.

So this post is just a little placeholder. I may not be back to regular blogging for a little while longer. But I WILL be. Soon. I promise. I’m tired of not writing and ready to rediscover exactly how much I adore writing.

See you all soon.

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