A tourist in my own home

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I’ve been back in Malta for just over a week now, stopping over for a couple of weeks before I head off to start a new life in London. When I lived in Malta, I was so desperate to leave that I did not really stop to appreciate the beauty this island has to offer. What’s great about living away from home, is that when I do visit the island now, I do so as a tourist. I get to experience all the very best of the country without having to bother myself too much with the things which amounted to my reasons for leaving.

While I do not think I would come back to live in Malta, even I cannot deny it is a gorgeous place for a holiday, especially in summer. The waters are clear as crystal and the bluest blue you have ever seen; the food is heavenly (nobody does food quite like the Meds); the people are friendly; and there are so many things to see for a tiny little island which is only about 27km across.

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the week I’ve been here. With photos.

The gorgeous blue sea between Malta and Gozo

The view from the Gozo farmhouse.

My mother’s caponata, which is pretty much the best food in the world. One day, when she imparts her recipe, I will post it here.

Ah, pastizzi, how I have missed you. Maltese food is the best.

Doesn’t that water just beg you to jump in?

Me and my whiter-than-white legs, sunbathing (SAFELY! With sunscreen and limited time!) poolside in Gozo.

Crossing back to Malta. This was the calm after the terrible electrical storm we lived through the previous night.

Hannah and I having gorgeous Maltese pizza at the Valletta Waterfront. This is one of our last photos together as Hannah is off traveling next week. Read about her progress here.

Mojitos, of course. The very taste of summer.

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