Try something new: bubble tea

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I am a sucker for trying new things. It all started when I first discovered sushi. Before, the idea of it used to put me off. Then, one day, two friends of mine (and self-confessed sushi-holics) took me with them to try it.

…I am now hooked on the stuff.

Since then, whenever I get the opportunity to try something new, I always jump at the chance and I’m usually quite delighted to find I like it. So when I heard that a place was selling bubble tea in Dublin, I had to go and try it.

I’ve been hearing an awful lot about bubble tea from American and British friends of mine. All of them are slightly obsessed with it and their going on about it has pushed it to the top of my ‘things to try’ list.

Today, I was in George’s Street and I wandered into the Arcade, determined to get my very first taste of the stuff. I walked into Bubblicity (The only place in Ireland which sells bubble tea) and ordered a mango and kiwi tea.

My verdict: yum. The tea itself was refreshing and tasty, and the tapioca pearls added an interesting element to the whole thing.

Add to that the fact that the owners of the shop are delightful – they explained the ingredients to me, told me about how they went about setting up the shop and even told me their personal favourite flavors.

On my way home, I stopped by again for a take-away. This time, I got strawberry fruit tea with tapioca pearls and strawberry pobbles. I think I preferred this one to the first one.

Next time I’m in town, I’m going to stop by and taste the milk teas.

Yep. I’m on my way to becoming a bubble tea addict.

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  • Katrina
    July 23, 2012

    I havent tried them yet but would love to. it is called bubble tea because it was being bubbled before serving? i am totally making it up! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

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