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Much Ado About Noting

It all started with a couple of New Year’s resolutions and the decision to surround myself with the things I love on a daily basis. Beauty, in so many of its forms, was now a priority. My culinary skills needed a good revamp and I soon discovered that food is a topic that practically everyone loves. I became a foodie. And so the blog was born – not only a collection of my experiences with food, but of anything that I consider noteworthy. This is my virtual notebook. If life gives me lemons, I throw back lemon cupcakes with a cheeky smile.



Denise Scicluna

I’m an art lover, with a strong passion for photography, crafts, illustration and painting. I am in love with creativity in general and love to get my hands dirty whenever I can. I am a freelance photographer and artist based in Malta. I am also the founder of Malta’s first art&craft market, Patches. On my blog you can get a peek at my latest shoots, creations and projects. I also tend to ramble about favorite artists, obsessions and the simple things in life which make me happy. Visit for more photography and illustrations. You can find me on my blog, on Facebook, on Etsy and on Pinterest.

Copy Copy Cat

Cat got your tongue?  We are a small team of published writers with several years of experience in the media, copywriting, blogging, proofreading, concocting magazine articles and more. We use our experience to deliver effective, engaging and unique copy to suit your needs – from press releases and advertising campaigns to newspaper articles and magazine features, and all the way to Search Engine Optimised website content. Here at Copy Copy Cat, we also understand the importance of spot-on spelling and grammatical accuracy, which is why we also offer to proofread and edit your work for you. Put simply: we get words. We take your ideas and turn them into purrfect copy.Forget the bee’s knees. We’re the cat’s whiskers.

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