From the Bucket List: Paint a Wall

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I am a design junkie. Whenever I walk into a house, my mind mentally strips each room of furniture and paint and re-designs it. When Hannah sent me a video of the house I’d be living in in Dublin, immediately I began to pick out wall colours and bed sheets.

One of my dreams is to buy a run down, fixer-upper house and do it up really nicely. I’d love to start my own interior design company. To me, porn is sites like Apartment Therapy, design sponge and Desire to Inspire.

When I moved into my flat almost two years ago, I went crazy. I designed our kitchen/living area to look like a Parisian cafe (and it totally does!) with dark wood, chrome, black leather and art nouveau posters.

When I lived in my parent’s basement, my room was painted red and gold and there were cushions everywhere.

And yet, I’d never actually picked up a paintbrush and painted a wall. So that went onto my Bucket List.

And so, when I decided to turn my second bedroom into a double bedroom I knew there had to be colour and I knew I was going to be the one painting that wall…

I did it! In just over an hour. And let me tell you, if you’ve never painted a wall – do it. It’s therapeutic; meditative, almost. To be so focused on one repetitive physical task, to pay so much attention to details like masking tape and making sure your floor is covered in plastic to avoid spills and stains.

Then step back and admire your work. Oh, and go for a nice, bold colour. White doesn’t count.


  • Giselle
    August 4, 2011

    Love the teal colour

    • admin
      August 4, 2011

      Thanks! It’s dried so nicely too!

  • Vee
    August 4, 2011

    Davinia Hamilton, is that a social page you have strategically placed the paint tin lid on?

    • admin
      August 4, 2011

      It is!

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