Meet the May Sponsors!

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Say hello to this month’s sponsors!

Hi! I’m Claire. I’m all about positivity, pretty things, yummy food, travelling, and the Internet (obviously). Claire’s (online) Chronicles is my little corner of the Internet, full of happy morsels of love, feel-good pictures, and stuff that catches my eye. My mission is to brighten up people’s days, and help others fill their lives with more appreciation and happiness. Visit my blog and you’re sure to see regular posts with gorgeous pictures, uplifting thoughts, mini-reviews of things I love, and delicious details of all my adventures. And the occasional photo of a chubby cat. I like chubby cats.


MibaOnline started as one of my random ideas. Coupled with determination, my love for natural, kind-to-skin make-up and a talented web developer, MibaOnline came to life. It has been one of my ambitions to not only sell, but demonstrate what good cosmetics can do for the skin. What’s different about Miba are the Lepo Appointments: I personally visit customers at home and have a one-on-one, no obligation to buy, make-up consultation session which lasts around 45 minutes. Problem areas, difficulties and general questions are addressed ensuring the right products are chosen. Miba does not only sell the products, but gets involved and helps customers look and feel beautiful, the natural way!




Sometimes words take on a life of their own. They flow and twist and twirl and suddenly you’ve created an expression of life. Clare is a new Maltese mum to beautiful Emily, happily married to David, and they live in the UK.  This is what Clare’s blog is all about: a melting pot of British and Maltese life, culture, food, and most of all, random bits of life and wonder.


Hi! I am Katrina, piercing, vintage loving and deaf artist/ photographer/ writer living in the heart of London. The Young Bridget Jones blog is of my light-hearted muses and snapshots about anything you find in everyday life. I especially write about art, films, people, food, fashion, inspirations and random whimsical thoughts with few fun features, which are: Sizzle of the Month, Seven Things I Love About and Art Tuesday! Blogging is my life, so is my new art business, Katrina Jones Art where I sell my artworks- mainly oil paintings and I also accept commissions. Welcome! BLOG LOVE, XO.


I’m Kate from Auckland, New Zealand.  I’m a Mum to 3 lovely girls and wife to a lovely Mac geek. By day I’m a SAHM, but by night I love to makeover blogs and design cute invitations, posters, flyers, storyboards and lots of other things.  I find inspiration everywhere!  Join me on Facebook and Twitter.

My name is Abby, known as The Fish to my husband and followers! I am an English expatriate living in Malta.  Despite never having blogged before, I have now been blogging for the past two years. My blog is usually written looking at stunning scenery, which normally inspires, or in the winter months curled up on the sofa, with a cat on my lap. My blog describes my move to Malta and the trial and tribulations that I encounter along the way.  I laugh, reflect, share, compare both good and bad experiences, rant and occasionally moan.

Tired of looking for high quality make up at a price that doesn’t break the bank? Want a particular look but don’t know how to achieve it? If so, then Twinkle is the answer for you! At Twinkle, we specialise in offering a variety of great makeup products at reduced prices. We also offer make-up tutorials to help you maximise the potential of our products, because we know that being beautiful is hard enough! More information will be available on our website – which will be launched in the coming weeks. Keep yourself updated on everything Twinkle by subscribing to our newsletter. Just send an email with your details to Get ready to feel beautiful with Twinkle! Feel free to contact us on – 99839258/79286776.





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    May 17, 2011

    Thanks Davinia!

    So excited to have some great new blogs to follow :)

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